Southern California Edison's
Antelope Transmission Project, Segments 2 and 3

Proponent's Environmental Assessment

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Title Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Executive Summary

Figure 1-1. General Location Map - Sements 2 and 3

Chapter 2. Purpose & Need

Chapter 3. Description of the Proposed Project

Chapter 4. Environmental Setting

4.1  Introduction
4.2  Aesthetics
Figure 4.2-1. (29.0MB)
Figure 4.2-2. (12.6MB)
Figure 4.2-3. (33.7MB)
Figure 4.2-4. (32.4MB)
Figure 4.2-5. (16.2MB)
Figure 4.2-6. (27.9MB)
Figure 4.2-7. (38.6MB)
4.3  Agricultural Resources
4.4  Air Quality
4.5  Biological Resources
Figure 4.5-1A. (11.9MB)
Figure 4.5-1B. (21.3MB)
4.6  Cultural Resources
Figure 4.6-1. (3.6MB)
Figure 4.6-2. (3.7MB)
Figure 4.6-3. (3.1MB)
4.7  Geological Resources
4.8  Hazards and Hazardous Materials
4.9  Hydrology and Water Quality
4.10  Land Use and Planning
4.11  Mineral Resources
4.12  Noise
4.13  Population and Housing
4.14  Public Services/Utilities
4.15  Recreation
4.16  Traffic and Transportation

Chapter 5. Environmental Impacts and Mitigation

5.1  Introduction
5.2  Aesthetics
Figure 5.2-1. (20.6MB)
Figure 5.2-2. (56.9MB)
Figure 5.2-3. (9.8MB)
Figure 5.2-4. (24.5MB)
Figure 5.2-5. (27.0MB)
Figure 5.2-6. (30.3MB)
Map 5.2-1. (12.8MB)
Map 5.2-2. (1.8MB)
Map 5.2-3. (1.7MB)
5.3  Agricultural Resources
5.4  Air Quality
5.5  Biological Resources
5.6  Cultural Resources
5.7  Geological Resources
5.8  Hazards and Hazardous Materials
5.9  Hydrology and Water Quality
5.10  Land Use and Planning
5.11  Mineral Resources
5.12  Noise
5.13  Population and Housing
5.14  Public Services/Utilities
5.15  Recreation
5.16  Traffic and Transportation

Chapter 6. Significant Environmental Impacts and Comparison of Alternatives

Chapter 7. Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 8. Growth-Inducing Impacts

Chapter 9. Indirect Effects

Chapter 10. References

Chapter 11. List of Preparers

Chapter 12. List of Acronyms


Appendix A. CEQA Environmental Checklist
Appendix B. SCE Public Information Program
Appendix C. SCE Agency Communications
Appendix D. Biological Resources Technical Report
Appendix E. Cultural Resources Technical Report
Appendix F. Native American Consultation (4MB)
Appendix G. SCE Report to CAISO
Appendix H. Air Quality Emission Calculations
Appendix I. Road Story Aerials.

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