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San Diego Gas & Electric

Sycamore-Peñasquitos 230 Kilovolt Transmission Line Project

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Comments Received on the Draft EIR

Comments from Public Agencies and Tribal Governments

A1 - U.S. Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar
A2 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife
A3 - California Department of Transportation, District 11
A4 - California Coastal Commission
A5 - Pala Band of Mission Indians
A6 - Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians
A7 - San Diego Public Utilities Department
A8 - San Diego Public Utilities Department
A9 - City of San Diego, Transportation and Storm Water Department and Parks and Recreation Department

Comments from Groups, Organizations, and Companies

B1 - Scripps Miramar Ranch Planning Group (Sandra Wetzel-Smith)
B2 - Scripps Miramar Ranch Planning Group (Wallace H. Wulfeck)
B3 - California Native Plant Society
B4 - California Independent System Operator Corporation
B5 - San Diego Unified School District
B6 - Silicon Valley Power
B7 - Scripps Miramar Ranch Planning Group (Wallace H. Wulfeck)

Comments from Private Citizens

C1 - Paul Crandell
C2 - Art Lewis
C3 - Scott Ellis
C4 - Jessica Jensen
C5 - Hadi Parandeh
C6 - Andrew Sefkow
C7 - Jeff Turk
C8 - Med Dyer
C9 - Anonymous
C10 - Ming Hu
C11 - Jan Kane
C12 - Marsha Ruether
C13 - Katharine Farrow
C14 - Anna Flournoy
C15 - Daniel and Tracy Jackson
C16 - Grazyna Krajewska
C17 - Donna Nasielski
C18 - Julie North
C19 - Amjat Rajput
C20 - Paritosh Khanna
C21 - Divya Krishnamoorthy
C22 - Susan Baghbeh
C23 - Todd and Heather Saier
C24 - Antonia Mahoney
C25 - Joseph and Allison Nebel
C26 - Hadi Parandeh
C27 - Net Shopper
C28 - Yibin Zhang
C29 - Katharine Cresto
C30 - Wei Yi
C31 - Anne Branson
C32 - Henry Chong
C33 - Yi Louie Lu
C34 - Tracy Nguyen
C35 - Hamed Abrishami
C36 - Fatemeh Kashfi
C37 - Grazyna Krajewska
C38 - Jim Wilk
C39 - Linda Willms
C40 - Suzy Winston
C41 - Zilin Ying
C42 - Kevin Yang
C43 - Josie Bravo
C44 - Guowei Wu
C45 - Emily Feng
C46 - Miranda Feng
C47 - Patrick Berry
C48 - Lauraine Dwyer
C49 - Josie Bravo
C50 - Theresa McCarty
C51 - David and Susan Skaar
C52 - Helen Dominguez
C53 - Scott Gellerman
C54 - Neil Berkley
C55 - Sean Clayton
C56 - Allen Jackel
C57 - Sherry Ledakis
C58 - Wuxiang Liao
C59 - Irina Masarky
C60 - Irina Masarky
C61 - Jeff, Joanne, Leah and Madison Tibali
C62 - Wei Zhang and Sun Liao
C63 - Wenyue (Lydia) Zhang
C64 - De Diep
C65 - Julie Diep
C66 - Jessica Hunt
C67 - Jay Libman
C68 - Marc and Tammy Rubenzik
C69 - Sukumar and Saritha Sakamuri
C70 - Han Suh
C71 - Stephen Thunder
C72 - Rachel Bittker
C73 - Josie Bravo et al.
C74 - Josie Bravo
C75 - Jeffrey Brown
C76 - Jack Cooper
C77 - Patricia Elliot and Mark Paine
C78 - Brad Hatch
C79 - Patricia Hatch
C80 - Dan Huang
C81 - Tracy and Daniel Jackson
C82 - Jieun Kim
C83 - Jose Langenauer
C84 - Ray and Kathy Liu
C85 - Christina Mannion
C86 - Laura Moran
C87 - Ansha Purwar
C88 - Chris Rosin
C89 - Sharon Schwab
C90 - Sivakumar Vadivelu and Porkodi Ramasamy
C91 - Sumarlin William
C92 - Bo Xia
C93 - Zhou Xiaohong
C94 - Matt and Ayesha Zierhut
C95 - Thaddeus Braun
C96 - Toni Church
C97 - Jim Donnelly
C98 - Kate Glenn
C99 - Sandy Jackel
C100 - Daehyon Kim
C101 - Pamela Koop
C102 - Gayanah Krasnyanskiy
C103 - Levi Kuknariev
C104 - Donna Likes
C105 - Brian Miller
C106 - M. K. Nasab
C107 - Guy Oshiro
C108 - Sandi Oshiro
C109 - Sunju Park
C110 - Harvey Payne
C111 - Phoebe Senowitz
C112 - Jamie VanderWal
C113 - Raymond and Mali Koosha
C114 - Lianle Shao and Yurong Guo
C115 - Aimee Farr
C116 - Christopher Davis and Caroline Davis
C117 - Lisa and Thomas Young
C118 - Dennis Corcoran

Comments from the Applicant

D1 - San Diego Gas & Electric - Cover Letter
D2 - San Diego Gas & Electric - Comment Letter
D3 - San Diego Gas & Electric - Attachment A - Detailed Comments
Attachment - San Diego Gas & Electric - Attachment B
Attachment - San Diego Gas & Electric - Attachment C
Attachment - San Diego Gas & Electric - Attachment D
Attachment - San Diego Gas & Electric - Attachment E

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