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San Diego Gas & Electric

Sycamore-Peñasquitos 230 Kilovolt Transmission Line Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the Proposed Project needed?
How is the need for the Proposed Project related to the closing of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station?
What are the locations of the existing poles that will be removed? Where will the new poles be placed?
Where will the aerial marker balls be located on transmission lines?
How will the voltage of the new transmission lines differ from the existing lines?
How many lines will be added along each segment of the Proposed Project?
Why are steel poles proposed to replace the existing wooden poles?
When will the Draft EIR be made available to the public?
Would it be possible to underground the entire alignment or segments of the Proposed Project?
Will the Proposed Project impede views from homes?
Will property value decrease as a result of the Proposed Project?
Will the Proposed Project increase EMF? What measures can be implemented to mitigate EMF?
Will the Proposed Project increase corona noise coming from the towers and power lines? Are there any devices that can be used to mitigate corona noise? Will corona noise increase in the future with addition of more lines?
Will the Proposed Project increase radio interference?
Will any trails be closed in the parks and preserves located near the Proposed Project?
Which staging yards are being considered for the Proposed Project?
Will there be additional mailers for the Proposed Project?