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San Diego Gas & Electric

Master Special Use Permit and Permit to Construct Power Line Replacement Projects

(Application No. A.12-10-009)

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Revised Plan of Development (Amendment to Application - Volume II of II of, June 26, 2013)

Click the following links to view SDG&E’s Revised Plan of Development (April 2013) for a Permit to Construct the Cleveland National Forest Power Line Replacement Projects.

Revised Plan of Development

Attachment A: Facilities Included Under the MSUP

Attachment B: Overview of Detailed Route Maps

          Attachment B.1: TL625 Map Overview

          Attachment B.1: TL 625 Mapbook

          Attachment B.2: TL626 Map Overview

          Attachment B.2: TL626 Mapbook

          Attachment B.3: TL629 Map Overview

          Attachment B.3: TL629 Mapbook

          Attachment B.4: TL682 Map Overview

          Attachment B.4: T682 Mapbook

          Attachment B.5: TL6923 Map Overview

          Attachment B.5: TL6923 Mapbook

          Attachment B.6: C78 Map Overview

          Attachment B.6: C78 Mapbook

          Attachment B.7: C79 Map Overview

          Attachment B.7: C79 Mapbook

          Attachment B.8: C157 Map Overview

          Attachment B.8: C157 Mapbook

          Attachment B.9: C440 Map Overview

          Attachment B.9: C440 Mapbook

          Attachment B.10: C442 Map Overview

          Attachment B.10: C442 Mapbook

          Attachment B.11: C449 Map Overview

          Attachment B.11: C449 Mapbook

Attachment C: MSUP Operating Plan

Attachment D: [CNF] Land Management Plan (LMP) Policy Consistency Analysis

Attachment E: Typical Drawings

Attachment F: Electric and Magnetic Fields

Attachment G: Construction Equipment Summary

Attachment H: Applicant-Proposed Measures

Attachment I: Visual Simulations

Appendix A: SDG&E Natural Community Conservation Plan Protocols



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