Result of Survey on Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure and Vehicle-Grid Integration Research
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California’s Interregional Express Corridors ChargePointDedrick  Victorville Barstow Yermo Baker Smith River Crescent City Klamath Arcata Loleta Garberville Beaumont " Palm Desert" Indio Blythe Leggett Laytonville " Ukiah" Cloverdale Healdsburg Auburn Colfax " Soda Springs" Soda Springs Truckee Placerville Pollock Pines Kyburz South Lake Tahoe Inyokern Mojave " West Palmdale" Santa Clarita Bakersfield Tehachapi Mojave Boron Chowchilla Los Banos " Gilroy" Oakdale Groveland Groveland Oakhurst Fresno Lemoore Fairfield Rio Vista Lodi Vacaville Dunnigan Auburn Grass Valley Tracy California                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
JohnReeddrgoodwrench@gmail.comThe fact that CARB has ANY authority over EVS is insane and strongly limits competition, innovation and fully capable manufacturers from entering this market space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
DavidHughesdavid@evconnect.comN/ACEC Corridor Transactions EV Connect IncDavid Hughes3107517997david@evconnect.comN/AVarious locationsSeveralSeveralCalifornia Rosendin ElectricElectrical ContractorAGJ ElectricalElectrical Contractor       APCDCo funding         Pacific Gas & Electric;,Southern California Edison;,Other;Imperial Valley Utilty DistrictElectric service;,Project facilitation;           Provide DC Fast charging along CA CorrdorsOther;Encourage use of EV's by providing accessible refueling  Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;     Dynamic pricing;,Hourly;   Uses existing electricity tariff     Rule 21 Interconnection Tariff;                                                                                                                                                                                    
JamesBurnsjim@transpowerusa.comDemand charges related to rapid charging of HD BEVs is a big barrier to early adoption. Moratoriums during early adoption periods may help.Electric Drayage DemonstrationZero Emission Cargo TransportTransportation Power, Inc.James 2415 Auto Park WayEscondidoCACalifornia            SCAQMDTechnical and Fiscal oversight         Southern California Edison;LADWPElectric service;,Project facilitation;                Fuel cost savings;,Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Keerthi ShankarRavikkumarkeerthi@greenlots.comThe project involves integration of DC fast charger and battery storage to enable site host to get additional revenue streams from participating in grid services. Currently, the site host needs to bid the capacity into the market and that is based on whether the price is right. It would be better if the EV tariff that IOUs use offer a n incentive that will benefit both the grid and site host. This makes funding these projects easier.Improving commercial viability of fast charging by providing renewable integration and grid services with integrated multiple DC fast chargersGreenlots DCFC with Storage projectZeco Systems dba Greenlotslin zhuang 1111 Broadway, Floor 4OaklandCaliforniaCalifornia Morgner Construction ManagementDesign, Install, Construct and Commission the DC fast charging stations and second life battery at the siteSpiers New TechnologySecond life battery supplierTritiumDC fast charger supplier                Southern California Edison; Electric service;,Other;Support in providing project guidance and validation of results          The goals of the proposed project are to address intermittency and renewable energy over-generation issues by enabling day-ahead and real-time pricing for DC fast charging; advanced smart and efficient charging by managing multi-port fast charging to minimize grid impact and lower the cost of operating fast chargers; evaluate suitability of DC fast charging to participate in demand response programs; and develop and evaluate advanced technologies to efficiently integrate second-life PEV batteries for demand management with DC fast charging.Pricing programs;,Smart charging;,Storage;,Aggregated demand response or aggregated load management; Renewable integration;Demand ResponseFuel cost savings;,Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program; Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;   Free charging;,Time of use;,Dynamic pricing;,Hourly;   Uses existing electricity tariffSCE EV4    Rule 21 Interconnection Tariff;,Demand Response Provider Agreement; 1128258California Energy CommissionEPICEPC-16-055826250         Zeco Systems dba Greenlots302008  6/30/201712/01/201806/30/2020Project is ongoing.Interface specifications development03/22/2018Definition of algorithm optimization blocks08/31/2017Development of OCPP node05/30/2018Vendor selection and procurement08/31/2018Engineering drawings09/27/2018Physical system installation11/29/2018`Demand charge reduction algorithm implementation08/31/2018Demand response algorithm implementation10/26/2018Renewable integration algorithm implementation02/28/2019Fleet scheduling algorithm implementation03/29/2019Algorithm optimization03/29/2019`Second life battery evaluation01/30/2020Evaluation of project benefits02/01/2020Final presentation material of project03/02/2020Final technology transfer report04/05/2020The project uses charging infrastructure that is open to the public.;  Passenger, highway-capable                                                      4Commercial structure; 004  TritiumDC Fast Charger1480                            Spiers New Technology, 48kW Inverter with 110kWh battery capacity. Two hour system.Wattnode MeterIdeal Power 30C SAE J1772;,IEEE 2030.1.1; OpenADR 2.0;,OCPP 2.0;,Other;OCPP 1.6J     Zeco Systems dba GReenlotsUnique customer ID;,Payment information;,State of charge;,Vehicle type; Station availability;,Charger supplying power;,Pricing;,Charging or fueling completion; Greenlots Mobile App. Notifications to driver thru app, email or text.Demand response or automatic generation control signals;    Vehicle presence;,State of charge;,Charge voltage;,Charge capacity; Connection state;,Device state;,Available voltage; ChaDeMo and CCS standard interface between DC fast charger and vehicle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CEC GFO-15-601 and GFO-15-603 RecargoCarl  Smith River, Crescent City, Orick, Eureka, Fortuna, Miranda, Leggett, Laytonville, Willits, Hopland, Healdsburg, Gilroy, Soledad, Salinas, King City, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Buellton, Santa Nella, Los Banos, Chowchilla California TBD                     Pacific Gas & Electric;,Other;Pacific Power, City of Healdsburg UtilityElectric service;                      Other;TBD  Uses existing electricity tariffTBD   Grant and self funding.Meter Service Agreement; $3,557,735California Energy Commission GFO-15-601$1,632,735California Energy Commission GFO-15-603$1,925,000         01/01/201701/01/201912/31/2019Project is ongoing.Operational Deadline for all GFO-15-601 sites09/30/2019Operational Deadline for all GFO-15-603 sites09/30/2020                          The project uses charging infrastructure but no vehicles.;,The project uses charging infrastructure that is open to the public.;,The project uses charging infrastructure with access limited to certain vehicles.;  Passenger, highway-capable                                                      3-5 per siteCommercial lot;  1 per site2-4 per site  TBD 11000                            TBDTBDTBD SAE J1772;,IEEE 2030.1.1; Other;OCPP 1.5      Unique customer ID;,Payment information; Station availability;,Charger supplying power;,Pricing;,Charging or fueling completion;       Vehicle presence;,State of charge;,Charge voltage;,Charge capacity;,Disconnection notification; Connection state;,Device state;,Available voltage;  
NatashaContrerasncontreras@semprautilities.comN/APort ElectrificationN/ASDG&ENatasha Contreras619-676-8254ncontreras@semprautilities.comN/A San Diego, National CitySan DiegoCalifornia Asplundh Construction CorpDesignThe Engineering Parners, Inc.DesignBaker ElectricConstructionHenkels & McCoyConstruction   San Diego Unified Port DistrictSite Host         San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           SDG&E will implement 30-40 installations to support medium-duty/heavy-duty and forklift EVs within Port Tidelands. This project will create local jobs and support Port of San Diego's Climate Action Plan. This project was designed to reduce health and quality of life impacts on communities that are disproportionately affected by operations at major freight corridors and facilities such as the Port of San Diego.Pricing programs;   Fuel cost savings;,Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Travel patterns;,Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact;   Time of use;           $2,405,575CPUCTransportation Electrification ApplicationA.17-01-020$2,405,575             01/11/2018  Project is ongoing.                              The project uses charging infrastructure with access limited to certain vehicles.;  OtherElectric Forklifts                                                      Commercial structure;,Commercial lot;  TBDTBD                                      SAE J1772; ANSI C12.22/IEEE 1703;,OpenADR 2.0;,OCPP 2.0;,ANSI C12.19/IEEE 1377;,Other;ISO 15693 or MIFARE Compliant RFID      Unique customer ID;           Connection state;,Device state; Charge Ready PilotCharge ReadySouthern California EdisonApril Quon6263020787april.quon@sce.com WALNUT GROVE AVEROSEMEADCACalifornia                       Southern California Edison; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
MarkMartinezMark.S.Martinez@sce.comThis public release document [] provides an overview of the Open Vehicle-Grid Integration Platform (OVGIP), which is a software application that connects various nodes involved in providing and managing energy to Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs). It enables PEV and charging infrastructure management in a grid-friendly manner, and also provides benefits to PEV owners by allowing them to take advantage of utility incentives, while also enabling ratepayer benefits through improved grid capacity utilization. This Platform has been a joint utility industry and automotive industry initiative that has been led by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) since its incepetion in late 2012, and is in its second phase of implementation. The document provides a brief description of the OVGIP deployment roadmap, its scope, cost considerations to develop and deliver it, current State of the technology, and the anticipated benefits from its implementation at scale.OVGIP (Open Vehicle-Grid Integration Platform) EPRIMark S. Martinez626-302-0975Mark.S.Martinez@sce.com Hillview avenuePalo AltoSanta ClaraCalifornia                                     Test the OVGIP platform as a service to aggregate vehicle loads and demonstrate targeted or system wide capacity and load management by providing a single OpenADR interface that can translate to proprietary automaker APIs.Aggregated demand response or aggregated load management;                                       Q1 2015Q2 2018Q4 2018 Q1 2016Funding approvedQ2 2016Data Gathering Initiated                           The project uses EV's to demonstrate DR capabilities Passenger, highway-capable                                                                                                                   Electrify Local Highways SDG&EPraem   San DiegoCalifornia Asplundh Construction CorpDesignThe Engineering Partners, Inc.DesignBaker ElectricConstructionHenkels & McCoyConstruction              San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           The project will install 20 L2 & 2 DCFC at each of four Park & Ride sites for a total of 88 public EV charging ports.Pricing programs;   Fuel cost savings;,Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Travel patterns;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact;   Time of use;   Uses existing electricity tariffEV-TOU      $4,000,000CPUCTransportation Electrification ApplicationA.17-01-020$4,000,000             01/11/2018  Project is ongoing.                              The project uses charging infrastructure that is open to the public.;  Light-duty truck                                                      22 per siteOther;Public parking 20 per site2 per site  Unknown at this time                                   SAE J1772;,IEEE 2030.1.1; OCPP 2.0;,Other;NAESB ESPI standard (modified)      Unique customer ID;,Payment information;         Vehicle presence; Connection state;,Device state;  
ChrisGarzacgarza@northamericanrepower.comLack of government grants/funding to assist in the research, development, and application of technological advancements. Incentives for small/large businesses to apply these advancements to their fleets.Sectran Security PHEV-Renewable Natural Gas Truck DemonstrationCEC-ARV-14-052North American RepowerChris 2625 Temple Heights DrOceansideCaliforniaCalifornia Efficient Drivetrains Inc.Development, integration, and implementation of PHEV system components.         California Energy CommissionGovernment funded grant.         San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service; EDCO Public CNG StationSupplying CNG.        Demonstrate the capability and necessity of retrofitting a petroleum based vehicle with a PHEV-RNG power plant for a local small business in a disadvantaged community.Pricing programs; Renewable integration; Fuel cost savings;,Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program;,Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Purchase decisions;,Travel patterns;,Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact; Demonstrate the utilization of a petroleum based engine re-manufactured to a lean burn renewable natural gas power plant. Time of use;   Uses existing electricity tariff       4,183,037.00California Energy Commision  3,000,000.00         North American Repower1,513,037.00Efficient Drivetrains Inc.300,000.002015December 201705/31/2018Project has concluded.Deliver vehicle #103/21/2017Deliver vehicle #205/19/2017Deliver vehicle #310/04/2017Deliver vehicle #411/22/2017Deliver vehicle #512/28/2017Deliver vehicle #602/08/2018                  The project uses vehicles but no charging infrastructure.;  Medium-duty truck International4700199660 40 kWh240 V AC  Medium-duty truck International4700199860 40 kWh240 V AC 1Medium-duty truck International4700199960 40 kWh240 V AC 4                      1Commercial lot;  6   Clipper CreekHCS-40, 32 Amp Level 2 EVSE, 240V, with 25 ft cable1240 V AC                                SAE J1772;        Efficient Drivetrains Inc.Unique customer ID;,State of charge; Charger supplying power;,Charging or fueling completion;       Unique vehicle ID;,State of charge;,Charge voltage;,Charge capacity; Charge Ready Transit BusElectric Transit Bus Make-Ready ProgramSouthern California EdisonGlenn  Cities within CSE territory, locations TBD                         Southern California Edison; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           The objective of the program is to deploy make-ready infrastructure and provide charging station rebates to serve electric transit bus charging and help transit agencies expand the number of electric buses in operation in SCE’s service territory. Electric bus technology is maturing with a number of companies offering a range of commercially available vehicles suited to the needs of transit agencies, with standard-based charging systems. However, the costs and complexities associated with electric buses are significant. From siting and deploying charging infrastructure to operational impacts (e.g., downtime for charging, training maintenance technicians), transit agencies must overcome new challenges when they convert to electric fleets. The program will help increase adoption of electric commuter buses by transit agencies. It will ensure system safety and reliability, as SCE will work closely with participating customers to site, size, and deploy electric infrastructure in accordance with SCE’s T&D standards and applicable building and electrical codes, using licensed contractors. A typical diesel-powered commuter bus emits 2,000 g/mile of CO2 or roughly 80 metric tons per year plus 0.4 metric tons of NOx and .0064 metric tons of PM from its tailpipe during its lifetime. Each new fully electric bus will reduce GHG and pollutant emissions by 100 percent throughout its lifetime.    Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Disadvantaged community impact;               $4M                 06/04/2018 06/03/2019Project is ongoing.                                                                                                                                                     Charge Ready DCFC PilotUrban DCFC Clusters PilotSouthern California EdisonGlenn  Cities within SCE territory, location TBD California                       Southern California Edison; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           The pilot will determine interest in DCFC in urban areas and evaluate charging behaviors of end-users. The pilot provides new charging options in certain urban areas for EV drivers, while requiring participation in a DR program, which limits grid impacts. DR is a preferred resource for meeting new generation capacity demand in California under the state’s Energy Action Plans. The pilot also offers potential environmental benefits. The pilot aims to increase EV adoption, which potentially increases alternative fuels, improves air quality, and reduces GHG emissions.                      $4M                 06/29/2018 06/28/2019Project is ongoing.                                                                                                                                                     Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate ProgramResidential Make-Ready PilotSouthern California EdisonGlenn Chung626-302-0804Glenn.Chung@sce.com   California Center for Sustainable Energy3rd-Party Program Administrator                                  The pilot aims to confirm customer interest in a home-charging program, validate cost assumptions, and evaluate EV customer satisfaction with TOU rates to prepare for a potential broader future phase. The pilot provides many potential customer benefits. It supports EV adoption, as purchasing or leasing an EV will be a verified requirement. The same requirement also limits the risk of stranded assets. The pilot improves safety by incentivizing customers to use the services of licensed electric contractor and install a new circuit. This prevents EV owners from plugging their vehicles into an existing outlet without a professional inspection and improves the safety of EV charging. The pilot also helps SCE identify new EV charging locations for participating customers, allowing SCE to conduct system checks and grid reinforcements according to its standards and procedures. The pilot potentially increases grid reliability by encouraging adoption of residential TOU rates, which improves vehicle-grid integration by promoting off-peak charging and minimizes potential impacts from EV charging.      Disadvantaged community impact;               $4M                 05/30/18 05/29/19Project is ongoing.                                                                                                                                                             
HannonRasoolhrasool@semprautilities.comN/AFleet Delivery PilotN/ASDG&EHannon  San Diego, National City, Chula Vista, San MarcosSan DiegoCalifornia Asplundh Construction CorpDesignThe Engineering Partners, Inc.DesignBaker ElectricConstructionHenkels & McCoyConstruction   N/A N/A        San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           The project will increase EV adoption, reduce GHGs, and help continue to advance Transportation Electrification delivery truck segment. It will collect charging and vehicle data to help inform future delivery truck deployment.Pricing programs;,Smart charging;   Fuel cost savings;,Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program;,Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Travel patterns;,Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact;   Time of use;   Uses existing electricity tariffAL-TOU      $3,690,749CPUCTransportation Electrification ApplicationA.17-01-020$3,690,749             01/11/2018  Project is ongoing.                              The project uses charging infrastructure with access limited to certain vehicles.;  Medium-duty truck                                                       Commercial structure;  Up to 90                                       SAE J1772;,IEEE 2030.1.1; OCPP 2.0;,Other;NAES ESPI standard (modified)      Unique customer ID;         Vehicle presence; Connection state;,Device state;  
KelseyJohnsonkelsey@nuvve.comPrimary regulatory barrier to the commercialization of vehicle to grid (V2G) technology is the process of interconnection. Currently, the interconnection process is tailored toward solar, not vehicles, which makes the process cumbersome and even slower than usual. In addition, there are currently no regulatory frameworks for mobile inverters to interconnect. This will substantially limit the reach of this technology in the long run if it is not addressed and resolved in the currently ongoing Rule 21 proceeding.Electric Vehicle Storage Accelerator (EVSA)EVSAEVgo Services, LLCBill Ehrlich651-324-9127bill.ehrlich@evgo.comN/AUniversity of California, San DiegoLa JollaSan DiegoCalifornia Nuvve CorporationProject and Operational Management, Aggregator Platform Provider and Operator, Data Management and Analysis, EVSE Operation and MaintenanceMaxGen ServicesConstruction ContractorUniversity of California, San DiegoSite host, site operational support, research and data analysis supportPrinceton Power SystemsEVSE Provider and Maintenance, technical integration supportEnergy & Environmental Economics, Inc.Economic analysis leveraging product data.Kitu Systems and Chip Design Systems also received payment for services regarding the technical software integration of the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Accords participating in one of the four use cases of the project.           San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Project facilitation; Honda MotorsHonda provided 3 vehicles for participation in the project.Fiat Chrysler AutomotiblesFCA provided 3 vehicles for participation in the project.EPRIEPRI is the project manager of the partner project associated with the EVSA project. Their portion of the EVSA project is Use Case #2: Transformer Upgrade Deferral. The EVSA team worked with EPRI to ensure smooth operation at UCSD as well as provided supplemental funding for the work of Kitu Systems and Chip Design Systems.    The purpose of the EVSA Project is to test whether vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is a viable and low cost energy storage resource. The project, to be led by EVgo and hosted by the University of California San Diego (UCSD), will include major automakers, including Honda, Nissan and Fiat-Chrysler, interested in integrating V2G technology. The project objectives are (1) to advance the commercialization of V2G technology by providing automakers and charging station manufacturers experience with implementing the technology, (2) informing California policy and regulatory discussions regarding commercialization barriers and (3) demonstrating V2G-enabled EVs are able to provide services beyond backup power and quantifying the value streams of those services.Smart charging;,Storage;,Aggregated demand response or aggregated load management;Interconnection of bi-directional vehicles, providing ancillary services, providing distribution deferral support.Frequency regulation;,Frequency response;,Renewable integration; Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Baseline charging location, time, and duration; Project is demonstrating the use of bi-directional vehicles with on-board mobile inverters, which allow the vehicle to charge and discharge using a Level 2 AC EVSE vs. a larger and more expensive DC EVSE. Free charging;   Uses existing electricity tariff     Rule 21 Interconnection Tariff; $1,000,000CPUC NRG Settlement Technology Demonstration Funds                October 201501/31/201709/30/2019Project is ongoing.General Project Reporting and Updates (Ongoing Quarterly reports and stakeholder calls)07/26/2018Use Case Overview and Test Plan09/29/2017Charging Station Installation Complete09/29/2017Technical Integration of EVSE, EVs and Aggregation Platform09/29/2017Interconnection Completed at Trade Street04/24/2018Interim Report on Actual and Simulated Revenue from V2G12/31/2018Product Commercialization Roadmap03/30/2018Interim Data Analysis Report Module and Project Benefits Update12/31/2018Final Data Analysis Report Module07/31/2019Final Stakeholder Meeting and Report09/30/2019V2G Action Plan9/30/2019        The project uses charging infrastructure with access limited to certain vehicles.;  Passenger, highway-capable NissanLEAF2016107 30 kWH  6Passenger, highway-capable HondaAccord Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle201424 7 kWh Accords were retrofitted with onboard communications devices and an inverter in order to execute bi-directional charging/discharging with a AC Level 2 charging station (Nuvve PowerPort).2                                 8Other;Seven of the 8 charging stations are located on the UC San Diego campus. The 8th station is located at a commercial building owned by the University, but is off of the main campus. 26 (but are 10 kW DC CHAdeMo stations - not technically "fast")  Princeton Power SystemsCA-101240 V  NuvvePowerPort1240 V                     Solar PV: 12.6 kW solar canopy with 40 SolarWorld 315 modules.  All 6 Princeton Power charging stations have a UL1741-certified DRI-10-GXWYZ inverter inside. The two Honda Accords also have on-board inverters, but specific specifications regarding those are not available. IEEE 1547;,SAE J1772;,SAE J3072; IEEE 2030.5;,SAE J2847/3;,OpenADR 2.0;     SAE J3072 is necessary for bi-directional vehicles with on-board mobile inverters to be able to provide grid services.Nuvve GIV(TM) Aggregation PlatformState of charge;,Departure time;,Vehicle type;Range required at departure time.Station availability;,Charger supplying power;,Charging or fueling completion; Smartphone app over cellular network/wifi.     Vehicle presence;,Vehicle type;,State of charge;,Charge voltage;,Charge capacity;,Disconnection notification; Connection state;,Device state;,Available voltage; J1772/CHAdeMO via PLC for communications between vehicle and EVSE, EVSE is then controlled through a Vehicle Smart Link software package on the EVSE through modbus, the VSL communicates to the aggregation platform through non-standarized, public protocol Plug-In Electric Vehicle Submtering Pilot - Ph 1 & Ph 2 SDG&EPraem 8306 Century Park Ct., CP42FSan DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia Electric MotorWerks, IncMeter data management agent Ph 1 & Ph 2ChargePointMeter data management agent Ph 2Ohmconnect, Inc.Meter data management agent Ph 1NRG EV Services, LLCMeter data management agent Ph 1              San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           Test the implementation and customer experience associated with sub-metering solutions for residential and commercial customers.Pricing programs;   Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program; Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact;   Time of use;           $3,304,667CPUCSubmetering PilotResolution E-4651 and Decision D. 13-11-002$3,304,667             Ph 1 09/01/14 Ph 2 01/16/17 Ph 1 08/31/16 Ph 2 04/30/18Project has concluded.                              Other;The project uses charging infrastructure with access to certain customers with SDG&E who charge a PEV, smart meter or interval data recorder as their primary meter. Passenger, highway-capable                                                       Residential structure;                                       Yes, see subcontractor participants.  SAE J1772; Other;Modified green button data format (NAESB ESPI)                Vehicle presence; Connection state;,Device state;  
NatashaContrerasncontreras@semprautilities.comN/ADealership Incentives SDG&ENatasha  San DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia Plug-In AmericaProgram Management                                  This project is designed to provide car dealerships with EV educational programs and provide financial incentives for the sale of EVs. The project encourages EV customers to enroll in an EV Time of Use Rate.Pricing programs;,Other;EV sales  Air quality improvement;,Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Purchase decisions;   Time of use;   Uses existing electricity tariff       $1,790,000CPUCTransportation Electrification ApplicationA.17-01-020$1,790,000             01/11/2018  Project is ongoing.                              The project uses vehicles but no charging infrastructure.;  Passenger, highway-capable                                                                                                                           
DevonRimerdrimer@semprautilities.comN/AGreen Shuttle Project SDG&EDevon  San DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia Asplundh Construction CorpDesignThe Engineering Partners, Inc.DesignBaker ElectricConstructionHenkels & McCoyConstruction   Sa          San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           Increase transportation electrification in high mileage shuttles by providing charging infrastructure. Use grid integrated rate design to encourage charging during off-peak, low-priced hours. The project also explores one solar/energy storage integrated charging facility's energy supply and demand profile.Pricing programs;,Smart charging;,Storage; Renewable integration; Fuel cost savings;,Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program;,Air quality improvement; Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact;   Dynamic pricing;   Tests new rate design Public grid integrated rateDynamically shift charging or hydrogen production timing in response to real time grid conditions.;,Incentivize charging or hydrogen production to pre-established times of the day and year.;    $3,157,805CPUCTransportation Electrification ApplicationA.17-01-020$3,157,805             01/11/2018  Project is ongoing.                                                                                                                                                             
AlexanderShepetukal.shepetuk@verizon.netnoneEV Submetering Phase 1 & 2 Pilots SCE/CP&SAlexander 1515 Walnut Grove AveRosemeadLACalifornia ChargePointEnroll SCE customers into Pilots, provide customers with Level 2 charging stations with embedded submeters, collect, format and transmit customer 15 minute interval data to SCE for billing purposeseMotorWerksEnroll SCE customers into Pilots, provide customers with Level 2 charging stations with embedded submeters, collect, format and transmit customer 15 minute interval data to SCE for billing purposesKitu SystemsEnroll SCE customers into Pilots, provide customers with Level 2 charging stations with embedded submeters, collect, format and transmit customer 15 minute interval data to SCE for billing purposes     CPUC/Energy DivisionOversee and manage SCE program management         Southern California Edison; Project management;           Decision 13-11-002: During Phase 2, the utilities were to test the use of single and multiple Customer-of-Record (COR) submetering. However, the Submeter MDMAs did not enroll any commercial or multiple customers-of-record customers in SCE’s territory. Primary goals of the Phase 2 Pilot were to: • Evaluate the demand for Single COR submetering in Single Family Homes, Apartment Units, and Commercial Facilities, and customer uptake prior to making larger investments. • Evaluate the demand for Multiple COR in Single Family Homes, Apartment Units, and Commercial Facilities. • Ensure a positive Customer Experience while determining customer perceptions, estimating customer costs and benefits of Single and Multiple COR submetering-enabled services, and smoothly transitioning between tariffs.Pricing programs;   Fuel cost savings;,Distribution-level programs; Purchase decisions;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;   Time of use;   Uses existing electricity tariffTOU-EV-1   Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC)  $4,600,000Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC)Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) $4,6000,000             08/01/201408/31/201504/30/2018Project has concluded.Phase 1 Pilot Enrollment of 92 submeters08/31/2015Third Party Evaluator (Nexant) Phase 1 Pilot report submitted06/30/2016Phase 2 Pilot Enrollment of 151 submeters04/30/2017Third Party Evaluator (Nexant) Phase 2 Pilot report submittal09/01/2018                       All customers participating in Phase 1 and 2 were residential customers charging their own vehicles using charging stations purchased from the vendor (Meter data Management Agents) Passenger, highway-capable                                                      One vehicle at a time for each charging station in the customer's residential homeResidential structure;  149   ChargePointUnknownOne240  AerovironmentUnknownOne240                     NoneNoneEmbedded submeter in Charging station           ChargePoint and Aerovironment proprietary software Unknown - data was collected by vendor, formatted and transmitted to SCE for billing using proprietary softwareAmount of fuel dispensed (hydrogen);Unknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customersUnknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customers Unknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customers Unknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customersUnknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customers Unknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customers Unknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customersUnknown - private relationship between vendors and SCE customers
DevonRimerdrimer@semprautilities.comN/AAirport Project SDG&EDevon  San DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia Asplundh Construction CorpDesignThe Engineering Partners, Inc.DesignBaker ElectricConstructionHenkels & McCoyConstruction   San Diego International AirportSite Host         San Diego Gas & Electric; Electric service;,Funding;,Project facilitation;,Project management;           Support and accelerate the conversion of airport GSE to electric. Phase 1 of the project will retrofit existing charging ports and collect data to support the need for additional charging ports. SDGE is partnering with SDIA to create a load management plan including integration with their solar.Smart charging; Renewable integration; Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program;,Air quality improvement; Travel patterns;,Baseline charging location, time, and duration;,Influenced charging location, time, and duration;,Disadvantaged community impact;   Time of use;   Uses existing electricity tariff       $2,839,738CPUCTransportation Electrification ApplicationA.17-01-020$2,839,738             01/11/2018  Project is ongoing.                              The project uses charging infrastructure with access limited to certain vehicles.;  OtherGround support equipment                                                      Other;airside at SDIA                                         SAE J1772;,IEEE 2030.1.1;                   Vehicle presence; Connection state;,Device state;  
TimothyLipmantelipman@berkeley.eduWe're working on open source solutions with minimal barriers -- key pointCEC EPIC XBOS-VOpen VBOSS (initial title)UC BerkeleyTimothy 2150 Allston Way, Suite 280BerkeleyAlamedaCalifornia BMW North AmericaIntegrative role across project subtasks especially related to real world customer experiences and attitudes toward VGI                                  This interdisciplinary project titled “An Open-Source, Open-Architecture Software Platform For Plug-In Electric Vehicle Smart Charging In California Residential and Small Commercial Settings” focuses on controlling the charging of plug-in electric vehicles PEVs at residential and small commercial settings using a novel and flexible open-source, open-architecture charge communication and control platform. This software-based platform known as “Open XBOS-V” (Open eXtensible Building Operation System/Vehicles) will be embedded in the context of overall utility and residential/business electrical and building automation systems, lending itself to potential broad implementation by commercial interests. The integrated project will also focus on the key issues associated with the development of the open-source platform including assessment of user needs and grid operation and ratepayer benefits, grid security considerations, and the potential for PEV charge control to lead to increased ability to accept intermittent renewable energy for California’s electrical grid. The platform is being developed building on previous work for such vehicle-grid solutions through such protocols as OpenADR, SEP 2.0, Zigbee, SAE J1772, and ISO 15118.Smart charging;,Aggregated demand response or aggregated load management; Voltage control;,Power quality;,Renewable integration; System-level ancillary services;                 $1,590,000California Energy CommissionEPICEPIC 15-013$1,500,000BMW North America  $90,000         April 2016September 2018January 2019Project is ongoing.                              The project uses charging infrastructure with access limited to certain vehicles.;  Passenger, highway-capable BMWi3                                                   1Commercial structure;  1   Aerovironment                                   SAE J1772;Exploring OCPPOpenADR 2.0;,OCPP 2.0;                      
BillEhrlichbill.ehrlich@evgo.comPrimary regulatory barriers are interconnection process, AHJ familiarity/consistency, and UL pathway for certified products.Stationary Storage Plus Electric Charging Technology Demonstration ProjectSSPEC Project, CPUC NRG Tech Demo, NRG Settlement Technology DemonstrationEVgoBill 3701 Voigt DrSan DiegoSan DiegoCalifornia MaxGen Energy ServicesElectrical contractor.BMWBattery providerPrinceton Power SystemsInverter manufacturer and systems integrator.Kisensum (now Chargepoint)Energy management software provider.University of California San DiegoSite host and research partner.Spiers New Technologies -- 2nd life battery refurbisher and research partner.           Other;University of California San Diego MicrogridElectric service;,Project facilitation;