This General Order and the rules and regulations included therein are the result of extensive investigation and mature study, consideration being given to all recommendations made by engineers representing various interests in the State of California.


On April 22, 1911, the state legislature passed an act (Chapter 499, Statutes of 1911) which regulated the erection and maintenance of poles, wires, etc., employed in overhead electric line construction.  In 1915, the state legislature amended chapter 4999 by chapter 600, Statutes of 1915, which required the Railroad Commission to inspect all work affected by the provisions of the act and to make such further additions and changes as it might deem necessary for the protection of employees and the general public.  The Railroad Commission was charged with the duty of enforcing all provisions of the act and vested with authority to grant such additional time as was necessary for the utilities to reconstruct their lines in conformity with the statues above referred to.


On May 1, 1922, the Railroad Commission of the State of California issued its General Order No. 64, covering rules and regulations for overhead electric line construction.  Subsequent to the enforcement of this act, a wealth of experience has been gained and, together with the recognition of changes due to the advancement of the art, it is the general opinion of all interested parties that revision of the existing order was necessary for the safety of men working on such lines and to the public in general.


The work of revision and re-editing of general Order No. 64, in book form, was assigned to Mr. C. T. Mess of the Engineering Staff, who submitted a proposed revision to Mr. Charles Grunsky, Gas and Electric Engineer, in February, 1928.  Copies were placed in the hands of all interested parties and hearings were held.  Subsequent to these hearings, all data submitted were again reviewed and the combined conclusions found in this order are standards necessary to insure safety and improve service.


Every effort has been made to set forth in clear and concise form the rules contained herein.  It is recognized that these rules are not complete construction specifications, but embody minimum requirements which are cable of definite interpretation sufficient to form the basis of working specifications for overhead line construction.  The illustrations in Appendix G are typical of certain of the minimum requirements set forth in the order.


The present form has been adopted for the purpose of clarity and the general set-up and cross reference is briefly outlines as follows:


Wherever possible, similar rule numbers cover similar subject matter in different sections.  As an example, Rules 51, 71 and 81, cover Poles, Towers and Structures in Sections 5, 7 and 8, respectively.  Also, Rule 54.4-A covers conductor clearances above ground of supply lines, and Rule 74.4-A and 84.4-A cover the same clearances in the Trolley and Communication sections.


The first four sections cover rules of a general nature and are not repeated in the various sections, direct reference being made to them throughout.


An alphabetical index is included as a ready means of reference; also a general table of contents and cross-referenced illustrations, by any which a specific rule may be found.


In conclusions, the Commission takes pleasure in acknowledging that the credit for what has been accomplished is due largely to the men of the industry who have been untiringly assisted in the formulation of these rules and who have consistently held to the policy of cooperative effort, and have cordially supported this Commission in its work.



By H.G. MATHEWSON, Secretary.


Dated January 1, 1929

San Francisco, California