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General Order 64-A


Section II


Definitions Of Terms Used In This Order


22.2    Railways mean Minor, Major or Street, defined in the following definitions:


A.    Minor Railway means:

Spur tracks less than 2000 feet in length and not exceeding two tracks in the same crossing span.

Branches on which no regular service is maintained or which are not operated during part of the year.

Tracks used only temporarily for a period not exceeding one year

Track not operated as a public utility, such as industrial railways used in logging, mining and like operations

Tracks other than standard gage.


B.    Major Railway means any railway not included above, other than street railways as defined below.


C.    Street Railway means a railway by whatsoever power operated for public use in the conveyance of passengers or freight which is mainly located upon, over, above, across, through or along public thoroughfares.