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General Order 64-A


Section IV


Strength Requirements For All Classes Of Lines


45    Transverse Strength Requirements


In computing the transverse strength requirements of all parts of structures and in calculating the working stress and allowable minimum sags for conductors under the assumed loading conditions specified in Rule 43, safety factors at least equal to those of Table 4 shall be used.  In heavy loading areas, for supporting structures carrying more than 10 wires (not including cables and supporting messengers) where the pin spacings does not exceed 15 inches, the transverse wind load shall be calculated on two thirds of the total number of such wires with a minimum of ten.  In cases where, due to change of direction in conductors, an unbalanced side stress is imposed on the supporting structure a transverse load shall be assumed equal to resultant of all conductor tensions under the assumed loading conditions.


45.1    Special Provisions