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General Order 64-A


Section IV


Strength Requirements For All Classes Of Lines


49.6    Guys and Anchors


A.    Material

The exposed surface of all guys and guy rods shall be of corrosion-resisting material.


B.    Size

The minimum size of guy strand at crossing in spans over Class H, L, T or C circuits shall not be less than the following:


5/16 inch for anchor guys.

inch for all other guys.


C.    Strength

Where guys are used with poles or similar structures, capable of considerable deflection before failure, they shall be able to support the entire stress, the pole below the point of guy attachments acting merely as a strut.  Stranded cable shall be used when the ultimate strength of the guy exceeds 1800 pounds.  Anchor rods and their appurtenances shall meet the same requirements as the guy wire or strand.  (See Rule 44.)


D.    Replacements (see Rule 44.2)