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General Order 64-A


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements For Supply Lines

(Class H, L and T Circuits)


51.6    Identification and Marking


A.    Identification. (See Rule 31.6-C)


B.    Marking

Poles supporting conductors of 750 to 17,000 volts in vertical configuration and not on crossarms shall have a ring at least one foot in width of bright yellow color painted on them beginning at a point not less than 2 ½ feet, nor more than 3 feet, below the lowest conductor attachment so supported.

The provisions of this paragraph shall be held not to apply to poles supporting supply conductors in excess of 17,000 volts, which are situated in rural districts.  In lieu of the paint required by this rule, signs showing in white letters, not less than 3 inches in height on a green or black background, the words “High Voltage: may be used.

Where the pole is of metal construction a sign or signs may be placed at a distance approximately 8 feet above the ground and so located as to be easily read 6 feet from any side of leg of the structure which can be climbed.  (See Rule 68.)


Note    This Rule was modified by Supplement 2.  To see the changes made by supplement 2 click here.  This page contains the wording of the rule prior to Supplement 2.