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General Order 64-A


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements For Supply Lines

(Class H, L and T Circuits)


58.5    Line Switches and Disconnects.


A.    Clearance From Other Equipment.

Conductor lead wires, at points of entering cut-outs or switches, shall be properly insulated but are not required to obtain the 3 inch clearance from the surfaces of crossarms and poles prescribed in Table 1, Case 9.  All lead wires, including miscellaneous wiring, shall clear braces, bolts and other line hardware a minimum distance of 1 inches.


B.    Clearance For Climbing.

Switches, cut-outs, etc., where installed on a pole below conductors shall be so located that they do not impair the climbing space when in either open or closed position.


C.    Indicating Position.

All switches shall indicate early whether they are open or closed and a uniform position shall be used to denote same, as far as practicable.


D.    Grounding.  (See Rule 52.9-E.)


E.    Operating Mechanism.

Line switches which are operated by all metal mechanisms grounded, and where it is possible to operate such switches while standing on the ground, an insulated platform shall be provided.

Grounded metal operating rods which pass through conductor levels shall be protected with a suitable insulating covering for a distance of 8 feet from conductors.
  As an alternative to this provision, metal rods shall have installed in them, at a point as near as possible to the switch, a suitable insulated link or section.  All rods shall be securely held in position by stables or straps to prevent contact with conductors of circuits below the switch level.

All cables, ropes and other flexible means of operating switches shall have insulators in stalled in them at a point as close as possible to the switch and shall pass through guides to insure their separation from conductors through which they pass.