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General Order 64-A


Section VII


Detailed Construction Requirements For Trolley Lines

(Class T Circuits)


78.2    Communication Conductors.


A.    To Span Wires.

Private communication wires not exceeding 750 volts and used in the operation of trolley systems may, where suitably insulated , be attached to span wires supporting trolley contact conductors of such systems.


B.    To Cross Arms.

Communication circuits used in connection with trolley railway operation, and not for the use of the public, may be placed two feet above or below or on the same cross arm with Class T trolley feeders or circuits of 0-750 volts, provided all of the circuits involved are of the same ownership and are operated and maintained by the same workmen.

Where communication circuit is supported on the same end of the cross arm with the Class T trolley feeder, the horizontal clearance between the two classes of circuits shall be not less than the pin spacing required for the trolley circuit.