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General Order 64-A


Section VIII


Detailed Construction Requirements For Communication Lines

(Class C Circuits)


87.7    Protection.


A.    Cables.

Cables (line) may be attached directly to the surface of poles and installed at a distance less than 6 feet below open wire supply conductors.  Where installed a minimum vertical distance of 4 feet to 6 feet below open wire supply conductors, they shall be protected by a guard arm at least 4 feet in length placed as closely to them and as nearly parallel with them as practicable.  In lieu of the guard arm suitable insulating covering of the length specified may be placed around the cable and supporting messenger.  (See App. G, Fig. 89.)


B.    Messengers.

Messengers which are grounded, where dead-ended or wrapped around a pole, shall be at least 6 feet vertically below all supply conductors supported on the pole.  Should it be impracticable to maintain such clearance, a reduction of 4 feet below supply conductors, of 0-750 volts, will be permitted, provided the messenger is suitably guarded with the equivalent of double guard arms placed directly above the substantially parallel with it.