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General Order 64-A


Section XI


Supply Lines And Communication Lines Crossings Over Railways


110    General.

The following rules cover certain special details for the construction of supply lines or communication lines crossing over railroads, excluding street railways.  These rules are supplemental to the rules given for lines in general construction details of various classes of lines where alone, and such rules shall be followed in all respects except as modified herein or where clearly not applicable to railroad crossing construction,

For the purpose of this order, compliance with the American Railway Association specifications for telegraph, telephone and other communication wires and cable crossing the tracks of steam and electrified railroads, as approved January, 1924 will be considered as meeting the requirements of this section.

Wherever a utility wishes to cross railroad tracks with any of its wires at a location other than a public highway, or a railroad wishes to cross beneath the wires of any utility at such a location, the consent of the utility whose lines are being crossed must be obtained.