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General Order 64-A


Appendix D


Typical Communication Line Construction


For a communication line carrying from approximately 6 to 20 conductors in a light loading area, the following specifications adequately meet all intents and requirements of this order:



Round.  25 feet in length set to a minimum depth of 5 feet in the ground.



3 ¼’’ x 4 ¼’’ x 10’.  Attached by means of through bolts and washers, with a 15 inch center line of pole clearance to nearest conductors.  Standard 30 inch quarter braces installed on the face of the cross arm with 3/8 inch bolts and ½ inch drive screw at the pole.



1 ¼’’ x 8’’ wood pin.



Pin type insulator to be of design that will engage the thread of the pin for not less than two and one-half turns.



Size and material dependent upon the class of circuit involved.  Sags not less than those specified in Appendix B, Table 24.  The average span length is 150 feet.



For guying at angels or dead ends, it is recommended that a “Lead over Height” (ratio of the horizontal distance from the face of the pole to the point of entrance of anchor rod in the ground to the vertical height above the ground of the attachment of said guy wire to the pole) of one be used.  At angles in the line where the pull of the guy exceeds 4 feet, i.e., then angle of departure exceeds 5 degrees, a guy strand having a strength of 2200 lbs. (3/16’’) or greater shall be used with the necessary pole shims, hook bolts, etc.



All Line hardware to be galvanized or of other corrosion resisting material.


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