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General Order 95


Section IV


Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines

48.6 Conductors, Span Wires, Guys and Messengers
Values used for ultimate strengths of wires and cable shall not exceed those given in Appendix B. The ultimate strengths given in Tables 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 23 , 24 of Appendix B, except for medium–hard drawn copper, are based on the minimum ultimate strengths given in the standard specifications of the American Society for Testing Material. The ultimate strengths given in Appendix B for medium–hard drawn copper are based on the standard specifications of the ASTM and provide an allowance above the minimum values of one–quarter of the range between minimum and maximum values. For use of types of wires and cables of other material not included in Appendix B, values for ultimate strengths similarly derived from specifications of the ASTM shall be used except that, if such specifications are nonexistent, maker’s specifications may be used provided that tests have been made which shall justify the maker’s rating for ultimate strength.
Note: Revised February 5, 2014 by Decision No. 14-02-015