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General Order 95


Appendix E


Clearance of Poles, Towers and Structures from Railroad Tracks


The following are guidelines to Rule 35 .


The radial clearances shown below are recommended minimum clearances that should be established, at time of trimming, between the vegetation and the energized conductors and associated live parts where practicable. Reasonable vegetation management practices may make it advantageous for the purposes of public safety or service reliability to obtain greater clearances than those listed below to ensure compliance until the next scheduled maintenance. Each utility may determine and apply additional appropriate clearances beyond clearances listed below, which take into consideration various factors, including: line operating voltage, length of span, line sag, planned maintenance cycles, location of vegetation within the span, species type, experience with particular species, vegetation growth rate and characteristics, vegetation management standards and best practices, local climate, elevation, fire risk, and vegetation trimming requirements that are applicable to State Responsibility Area lands pursuant to Public Resource Code Sections 4102 and 4293.


Voltage of Lines

Case 13 of Table 1

Case 14 of Table 1

Radial clearances for any conductor of a line operating at 2,400 or more volts, but less than 72,000 volt

4 feet

12 feet

Radial clearances for any conductor of a line operating at 72,000 or more volts, but less than 110,000 volts

6 feet

20 feet

Radial clearances for any conductor of a line operating at 110,000 or more volts but less than 300,000 volts

10 feet

30 feet

Radial clearance for any conductor of a line operating at 300,000 or more volts

15 feet

30 feet


Note:    Added November 6, 1992 by Resolution SU–15 and revised September 20, 1996 by Decision No. 96–09–097 , August 20, 2009 by Decision No. 09-08-029, January 12, 2012 by Decision No. 12-01-032, December 21, 2017 by Decision 17-12-024.