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General Order 95


Section II


Definitions of Terms as Used in The Rules of This Order


21.5     Guy means a tension member (a solid wire or stranded wires) used to withstand an otherwise unbalanced force on a pole, crossarm or other overhead line structure (see Rule 22.3 for definition of messenger).


A.     Overhead Guy means a guy extending from a pole, crossarm or structure to a pole, crossarm, structure or tree and is sometimes called a span guy.


B.     Anchor Guy means a guy which has its lower anchorage in the earth and is sometimes called a sidewalk, truss or ground guy.


C.     Exposed Guy means a guy of which any part is less than 8 feet horizontally from the vertical plane of any supply conductor of more than 250 volts (see Figure 564 , and Appendix G, Figure 44 ).


D.     Guy in Proximity means a guy of which any part is both within a vertical distance of less than 8 feet from the level of supply conductors and a radial distance of less than 6 feet from the surface of a wood pole or structure (see Figures 563 , 564 , 565 , 566 , and Appendix G, Figure 45 ).