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General Order 95



Definitions of Terms as Used in The Rules of This Order


23.8     Terminal means a position in an electric circuit or device at which an electric connection is normally established or broken. This is the point at which current enters or leaves a conducting element in a circuit. A terminal is normally energized and its associated parts may be energized, non–energized, grounded, or non–grounded.


Note:     Added January 19, 1994 by Resolution No. SU–25.


A.     Terminal Fittings (normally used in conjunction with lead risers) are the terminal equipment used in terminating the conductors of runs and risers (e.g. transition of three conductor lead to three single conductors or terminals, cable to potheads, etc.), and include cable potheads, weather heads, and conduit entrance fittings.


Note:     Revised February 7, 1964 by Decision No. 66707 January 6, 1968 by Decision No. 73455 and March 30, 1968 by Decision No. 73813. Revised January 19, 1994 by Resolution SU–25.