Change List for this Rule


General Order 95


Section III


Requirements for All Lines


33.1    Neutral Conductors


Neutral conductors of supply circuits, other than in distribution systems of 22,500 volts or less with common primary and secondary grounded neutrals, shall be considered as carrying the same voltage as the other conductors of the circuit. Insulators used to support neutral conductors shall meet the requirements of Rule 55 , based on the nominal voltage of the circuit, but are not required to have the same insulating value as insulators actually used on the phase conductors. Where a common neutral system is installed, the neutral conductor may be considered as carrying the same voltage as any of its related system conductors, compliance with special practices and construction requirements being necessary (see Rule 59 ).


This rule need not apply to overhead lightning protection wires installed on metal structures or grounded wood structures.


Note:    Revised March 29, 1966 by Decision No. 70489; August 9, 1966 by Decision No. 71094 and March 30, 1968 by Decision No. 73813.