Change List for this Rule


General Order 95


Section IV


Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines


44.4    Cooperation


All entities with facilities on the subject pole shall cooperate with the company performing the load calculations necessitated by the provisions of Rule 44.1, 44.2 or 44.3, including, but not limited to, promptly providing or making reasonably available, upon request and to the extent it exists, the following:


A.    The most recent intrusive pole test data


B.    Any information regarding its facilities necessary to perform a pole loading calculation that is not readily available to the company performing the pole loading calculations through a field visit; and


C.    A table of standard input values used by the Responding Company in pole loading calculations (e.g., standard conductor or cable sizes, tension values, and equipment sizes and weights).


In the event apole attachment application or a joint pole application submitted to a pole owner is rejected, the pole owner shall provide the applicant with the reason(s) for the rejection with the returned application.  In the event a pole attachment application or a joint pole application is rejected by a pole owner because it has failed to meet the pole loading limitations established by the pole owner (consistent with General Order 95 or any subsequent regulation), the pole owner should also provide the applicant with sufficient information to determine how the pole loading limitations were exceeded with the returned application. 


Note:    “Promptly” means as soon as practicable but, absent exigent circumstances or mutual agreement, no more than fifteen (15) business days from the date of the request.  (Exigent circumstances include requests for intrusive data or other necessary information on transmission poles, or requests for information on a large number of poles in a limited time period.)  


Note:    Added January 12, 2012 by Decision No. 12-01-032