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General Order 95


Section IV


Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines

48 Strength of Materials

Structural members and their connection shall be designed and constructed so that the structures and parts thereof will not fail or be seriously distorted at any load less than their maximum working loads (developed under the current construction arrangements with loadings as specified in Rule 43) multiplied by the safety factors in Rule 44.

Values used for the strength of material shall comply with the safety factors specified in Rule 44.

Note:      Revised February 5, 2014 by Decision No. 14-02-015.


48.1 Wood
Table 5 Sample Wood Strengths
48.2 Steel
48.3 Concrete
48.4 Fiber-Reinforced Polymer
48.5 Other Engineered Materials
48.6 Conductors, Span Wires, Guys and Messengers
48.7 Tower or Pole Foundations and Footings