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General Order 95


Section VI


Detailed Construction Requirements for Tower Lines
and Extra High Voltage Lines (Class E Circuits)

61.3    Material and Strength
(also see Section IV )


A.    Material


(1)    Tower Members: Tower members shall have a thickness of metal equivalent to the following:


Galvanized steel: Main corner members, 3/16 inch; other members, 1/8 inch.


Painted steel: Main corner members, 1/4 inch; other members, 3/16 inch. All iron or steel members of towers and all hardware subject to injurious corrosion under the prevailing conditions shall be protected by galvanizing, painting or other treatment which will effectively retard corrosion.


(2)    Overhead Ground Wires or Lightning Protection Wires: Overhead ground wires or lightning protection wires shall be galvanized steel cable not less than 1/4 inch in diameter, or other corrosion resistant material of equal tensile strength. Where overhead ground wires are not used, effort shall be made to secure an effectively grounded structure.


(3)    Guys and Anchor Rods:


a)    Guys: Guys shall be galvanized steel strand not less than 5/16 inch in diameter, or other corrosion resistant material of equal tensile strength, or they shall be rolled rods of galvanized steel or other corrosion resistant material with tensile strength not less than the tensile strength of 5/16 inch diameter galvanized steel strand.


b)    Anchor Rods: Anchor rods shall be galvanized steel not less than 5/8 inch in diameter or shall be of equal strength and durability.


B.    Strength

Where support structures are used which are not capable of withstanding substantially as great a stress longitudinally as transversely, longitudinal guying shall be used. The line as a whole shall be designed so that a failure of an individual support structure shall not cause successive failures of more than ten additional support structures.