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General Order 95


Section VI


Detailed Construction Requirements for Tower Lines
and Extra High Voltage Lines (Class E Circuits)


61.7    Stepping

All towers which are required to be climbed by workmen shall be provided with steps or ladders.  Steps or ladders shall start at not less than 7 feet 6 inches from the ground line or from any easily climbed foreign structure, within 6 feet of a tower, from which one could reach or step, including tower footings. The spacing between steps on the same side of the tower legs shall not exceed 36 inches.

When a fence or wall is used as a suitable barrier (
Rule 61.6-B) the steps or ladders may extend to the ground level.

Where the members of the tower are so arranged that qualified persons may
 climb the tower safely, no steps or ladders need be provided.


Note:    Revised November 6, 1992 by Resolution SU–15 and January 13, 2006 by Decision No. 05-01-030