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General Order 95


Section VII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Trolley and Electric Railway
Contact and Feeder Conductors and Their Supporting Messengers,
Span Wires, Etc. (Class T Circuits)

70    General

The following rules cover certain special details for the construction of Class T circuits, together with their supporting messengers, span wires and appurtenances. These rules are in many cases supplemental to the rules for supply lines in general (Class T circuits being by definition supply lines), which general rules, including construction details of Section V , must be observed, except where clearly inapplicable or where specifically modified herein.

When the use of a special type of construction appears desirable or is necessary, and these rules are not clearly applicable thereto, the Commission will consider the application for such modification or amplification of these rules as shall be deemed necessary to apply to such case of special construction (see Rules
15 and 16 ).


Note:    Revised January 19, 1994 by Resolution SU–25.