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General Order 95


Section VII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Trolley and Electric Railway
Contact and Feeder Conductors and Their Supporting Messengers,
Span Wires, Etc. (Class T Circuits)


78.2    Private Communication Conductors

The general requirements for private communication conductors of trolley line systems are specified in Rules
20.6A , 32.4C and 89 of Section VIII . In addition to the treatment therein provided, private communication wires (Class C) owned by and used solely in the operation of trolley systems may, where suitably insulated, be attached to span wires supporting trolley contact conductors of such systems when installed and maintained in accordance with the following provisions.


Note:    Revised January 19, 1994 by Resolution SU25.


A.    Attached to Unenergized Span Wires

Private communication conductors (Class C) may be supported by unenergized portions of span wires provided they are attached between the first span wire insulator specified in Rules
77.6A1 and 77.6A2 or the second span wire insulator specified in Rule 77.6A4 and the pole or structure. They shall not be attached to the section of span wire between contact conductor hangers except within such section of span wire sectionalized by means of insulators placed between 4 feet and 5 feet from each contact conductor hanger.

B.    Attached to Energized Span Wires

Private communication conductors (Class C) may, where necessary, be supported by feeder cables of 0 - 750 volts used as span wires when such communication conductor attachments to feeder spans are insulated for not less than the trolley voltage.