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General Order 95


Section VII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Trolley and Electric Railway
Contact and Feeder Conductors and Their Supporting Messengers,
Span Wires, Etc. (Class T Circuits)


79.4    Fencing


A.    At Ground Level

Third rail construction or reconstruction shall not be permitted at ground level unless the rights–of–way, easement or other property upon which the same is located is entirely fenced. Fence construction shall be designed, installed and maintained in such manner as to deny access over, under or through the fencing to all but authorized persons.


B.    Material and Height

Fencing material shall be of galvanized steel, woven mesh or links (commonly known as chain–link or cyclone fencing), extending from ground level to a minimum height of seven feet. Above said 7 foot height, there shall be installed an inclined extension of not less than 12 inches, to which shall be attached no fewer than three strands of barbed wire, with said extension being inclined 45° away from the fenced facilities wherever possible.


C.    Barrier Protection of Fencing

Wherever the rights–of–way and its fencing are adjacent to thoroughfares or highways (such as in, but not limited to, highway median strips) suitable barriers shall be at all times present between the fencing and the thoroughfare or highway in order to prevent vehicular contact with or damage to the fencing.


D.    Gates

Gates for access to the fenced rights–of–way shall be provided for the entrance of emergency vehicles and equipment at approximately one–half mile intervals along the rights–of–way, said gates to be of a design and maintained in a manner compatible with the fencing specified in
Rule 79.4–A and Rule 79.4–B .