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General Order 95


Section VII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Trolley and Electric Railway
Contact and Feeder Conductors and Their Supporting Messengers,
Span Wires, Etc. (Class T Circuits)


79.6    Inspections

At regular intervals not exceeding a calendar month, the transit line shall make a thorough inspection of all of the items pertaining to third rail operation set forth in the several foregoing sections of
Rule 79 . Records of such inspections, setting forth in detail any failures or discrepancies found and steps taken to correct them, shall be kept for periods of five years and a yearly summary thereof shall be forwarded to the Commission by not later than February 1 of each year. This requirement is in consonance with and additional to the requirements of General Order No. 66C or subsequent amendments thereof. Such records and summary reports shall not be open to inspection by the public except upon specific order of the Commission.