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General Order 95


Section VIII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Communication Lines
(Class C Circuits)


87.7    Covering or Guarding


A.    Vertical and Lateral Cables

See Rules 84.6–
C, D and E for covering or protection of vertical and lateral cables attached to the surface of poles, crossarms or structures.


B.    Longitudinal Aerial Cables or Messengers

A guard arm, at least 4 feet in length, shall be placed directly above and as nearly parallel as practicable to longitudinal aerial cables or messengers over which a guard arm is required by the provisions of Rule 87.4–C3 . In lieu of the guard arm a suitable wood covering of the length specified for guard arms may be placed around the cable and messenger.

Double guard arms shall be installed above cables and messengers which are deadended on poles where the installation of guard arms is required by the provisions of
Rule 87.4–C3 .

No communication antenna, conductor, cable or messenger shall be supported on or attached to the top or side surface of any guard arm except as permitted for service drops and their (vertical and lateral) runs by the provisions of Rules
84.6–C and 84.8–B2c .


Revised January 28, 2016 by Decision 16-01-046


C.    Crossing Trolley Lines (See Rule 87.4–B2 )


D.    Risers


(1)    Covered from Ground Level to 8 Feet above the Ground:

Risers shall be protected from the ground level to a level not less than 8 feet above the ground by:


a)    Securely or effectively grounded iron or steel pipe (or other covering at least of equal strength). When metallic sheathed cable rising from underground non–metallic conduit is protected by metallic pipe or moulding, such pipe or moulding shall be effectively grounded as specified in Rule 21.4–A , or


b)    Non–metallic conduit or rigid U–shaped moulding. Such conduit or moulding shall be of material as specified in Rule 22.8 .


(2)    Covered from 8 Feet above the Ground Level and Above:


a)    Risers shall be covered by a suitable protective covering, as defined in Rule 22.8 where within a vertical distance of 3 feet above or 6 feet below the level of unprotected supply conductors when supported on the same pole or structure or within a 6–foot radius of another pole supporting unprotected supply conductors, except that when the riser is protected by a guard arm installed in accordance with Rule 87.4–C3 the 6 feet may be reduced to not less than 4 feet.


Note:    Revised June 7, 1965 by Decision No. 89071; June 21, 1977 by Resolution No. E–1689, February 13, 1980 by Resolution No.

 E–1863, March 9, 1988 by Resolution No. E–3076 and January 19, 1994 by Resolution No. SU–25

. Formerly Rule 84.6-E. Revised and moved October 9, 1996 by Resolution SU–40.

(3)    Hardware (See Rule 91.4).

Revised January 15, 2015 by Decision 15-01-005