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General Order 95


Section VIII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Communication Lines
(Class C Circuits)

89.3    Telephone Instruments on Poles or Structures


Where a telephone instrument is attached to the surface of a pole or structure at less than 8 feet vertically above the ground (or at any elevation on a grounded metal pole or structure) and is connected to a private communication circuit constructed on the same pole line with, or colinear with, a Class H supply circuit, or is connected to a private communication circuit carried on crossarms with supply conductors of 750 - 22,500 volts, such instrument shall be enclosed in a suitable box of wood or equivalent insulating material, which shall be locked to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Where such a telephone instrument is so attached, connected, and enclosed, unless isolated from the communication circuit by an adequate insulating transformer, a suitably insulated stool or platform, on which a person can stand while using the instrument, shall be provided.


Note:    Revised March 29, 1966 by Decision No. 70489 and August 9, 1966 by Decision No. 71094.