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Original General Order 128


Section III


Requirements For Supply Systems


31.5    Risers and Other Above-Ground Terminations


A.    Poles

Supply system risers on poles shall be installed in accordance with General Order No. 95 of this Commission.


B.     Other Above-ground Terminations

Supply duct systems, suitably protected, may terminate above ground or in buildings, in enclosures designed for the purpose, in pad-mounted transformers, in pedestals, or in other suitable terminal facilities. (See Appendix C, Fig. 1)


C.    Services (See Rule 33.5-C)


D.    Clearances From Railroad Tracks

Clearances of above-ground terminations and facilities adjacent to railroad tracks shall be in accordance with the provisions of General Orders Nos. 26-D and 118 of this Commission. (See Appendix C, Fig. 1)