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Original General Order 128


Section III


Requirements For Supply Systems


34.3    Self-Contained Surface-Mounted Equipment


Equipment installed partially or completely above the ground surface and not enclosed by a vault, room or fence shall conform to the following:


A.    Strength


The equipment case or enclosure shall be secured in place and be of sufficient strength to resist entrance or damage to the equipment by unauthorized persons.


B.    Guarding Live Parts


Compartments and enclosures which will, during normal operation, contain exposed live parts shall be designed and installed to prevent a person from passing a wire or other conducting material into such compartment from the outside when it is closed. This requirement is not intended to prevent normal work operations such as fishing ducts and installing cable.


C.    Locking


Compartments and enclosures shall be made secure against entry by unauthorized persons by means of locks or other suitable means.


D.    Clearance From Buildings


Equipment containing oil shall be so located that the nearest metal parts of such equipment clear the surface of buildings by not less than 3 feet. This clearance may be reduced to 2 feet if the building surface is noncombustible.


Equipment not containing oil need have no specific clearance from buildings and may be incorporated into the building structure.