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IV.    Standards for Inspection, Record-keeping, and Reporting
Each utility subject to this General Order shall conduct inspections of its distribution facilities, as necessary, to assure reliable, high-quality, and safe operation, but in no case may the period between inspections (measured in years) exceed the time specified in the attached table.

Each utility subject to this General Order shall submit to the Commission by no later than July 1, 1997, compliance plans for the inspections and record-keeping required by this order. These compliance plans will include the proposed forms and formats for annual reports and source records, as well as the utility's plans for the types of inspections and equipment to be inspected during the coming year. For detailed and intrusive inspections, schedules should be detailed enough (in terms of the months of inspection and the circuit, area, or equipment / to be inspected) to allow staff to confirm that schedule inspections are proceeding as planned. For patrol inspections, companies should explain how all required facilities will be covered during the year. Energy Division or any successor staff divisions may prescribe changes relating to data, definitions, reporting and record-keeping formats and forms when and as necessary.

Each utility subject to this General Order shall submit an annual report detailing its compliance with this General Order under penalty of perjury. The first report required under this section shall be filed with the Commission by no later than July 1, 1998. Each utility shall file subsequent annual reports for every following year by no later than July 1. The report shall identify the number of facilities, by type which have been inspected during the previous period. It shall identify those facilities which were scheduled for inspection but which were not inspected according to schedule and shall explain why the inspections were not conducted, and a date certain by which the required inspection will occur. The report shall also present the total and percentage breakdown of equipment rated at each condition rating level, including that equipment determined to be in need of corrective action. Where corrective action was scheduled during the reporting period, the report will present the total and percentage of equipment which was and was not corrected during the reporting period. For the latter, an explanation will be provided, including a date certain by which required corrective action will occur. The report will also present totals and the percentage of equipment in need of corrective action, but with a scheduled date beyond the reporting period, classified by the amount of time remaining before the scheduled action. All of the above information shall be presented for each type of facility identified in the attached table and shall be aggregated by district.

The company shall maintain records of inspection activities which shall be made available to parties or pursuant to Commission rules upon 30 days notice. Commission staff shall be permitted to inspect such records consistent with Public Utilities Code Section 314 (a).

For all inspections, within a reasonable period, company records shall specify the circuit, area, or equipment inspected, the name of the inspector, the date of the inspection, and any problems identified during each inspection, as well as the scheduled date of corrective action. For detailed and intrusive inspections, companies shall also rate the condition of inspected equipment. Upon completion of corrective action, company records will show the nature of the work, the date, and the identity of persons performing the work.