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Section II


Definitions of Terms as Used in The Rules of This Order


21.3    Guy means a tension member (a solid wire or stranded wires) used to withstand an otherwise unbalanced force on a pole, crossarm or other overhead line structure (See Rule 21.9 for definition of messenger).


A.    Overhead Guy means a guy extending from a pole, crossarm or structure to a pole, crossarm, structure or tree and is sometimes called a span guy.


B.    Anchor Guy means a guy which has its lower anchorage in the earth and is sometimes called a sidewalk, truss or ground guy.


C.    Exposed Guy means a guy which any part is less than 8 feet horizontally from the vertical plane of any supply conductor of more than 250 volts (see App. G, Fig 44).


D.    Guy in Proximity means guy of which any part is both within a vertical distance of less than 8 feet from the level of supply conductors and a radial distance of less than 6 feet from the surface of a wood pole or structure (see App. G, Fig 45).