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Original General Order 95


Section III


Requirements for All Lines

31.3    Avoidance of Conflicts and Crossings


In locating and constructing lines efforts shall be made to avoid creating any conflicts with other lines.  Where it is not reasonably practicable to maintain a sufficient separation of the lines, conflicts may in many cases be avoided by means of joint pole construction.


In the construction of new lines care shall be taken to avoid all unnecessary crossings.  Crossings requirements are covered in Sections X and XI.


Supply and communication lines other than lines on jointly used poles, shall not occupy the same side of the road (fence line construction excluded, i.e., where the fence is used as all or part of the supporting structure) unless the consent of existing party or parties is obtained, or where both sides of the road are already occupied by the same class of line.


Class H circuits shall not occupy both sides of thoroughfares except where special permission is obtained from the Railroad Commission.