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Original General Order 95


Section III


Requirements for All Lines


38    Minimum Clearances of wires from other wires


The clearance between any overhead line conductor or wire and any other conductor or wire over which the former crosses, the vertical clearance between wires on different crossarms on the same pole, the horizontal clearance between wires of the same voltage classification on the same crossarm and the clearance of line wires from vertical or lateral conductors or guy wires of the same line or of conflicting lines shall not be less than the values given in Table 2, at a temperature of 60F. and no wind, except that conductors may be dead-ended at the crossarm or have reduced clearances at points of transposition, and shall not be held in violation of Table 2, Cases 8-15, inclusive.


The clearances of Table 2 shall in no case be reduced clearances of Table 2 shall in no case be reduced more than 10 percent because of temperature and loading as specified in Rule 43 or difference in size or design of the supporting pins, hardware or insulators.


Where conductors, dead ends and metal pins are concerned in any clearance specified in these rules, all clearances of less than 5 inches shall be applicable between the surface of conductors (not including tie wires), dead ends or metal pins, and other conductors, dead ends, metal pins, or other objects to which the clearance are applicable.


All clearances of 5 inches or more shall be applicable from the center lines of conductors concerned.