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Original General Order 95


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements for Supply Lines
(Class H, L and T Circuits)



51.6    Marking and Guarding


A.    Marking of Poles where conductors are not on Crossarms


Wood or Metal poles which support conductors of more than 750 volts in vertical configuration and not on crossarms shall have bands of bright yellow color not less than one foot in width painted around them.  The top of such a band shall be neither less than 2 ˝ feet nor more than 3 feet below the lowest conductor of each circuit of more than 750 volts so supported.


In lieu of the paint required by this rule, similarly located signs, showing the words “High Voltage” in letters not less than 3 inches in height, shall be used.  The letters on such signs shall be white on a green or black background, or such signs shall be of corrosion-resisting metal with the letters cut out therefrom and clearly legible.


The provisions of this rule, 51.6-A shall not apply to the marking of poles at the levels of supply circuits of more than 20,000 volts in rural districts.


See Rule 65 for marking of Towers


B.    Guarding of Latticed Metal Poles and Other Latticed Structures


Where the pole or structure is of latticed metal or of similar construction and supports supply conductors in excess of 750 volts and is located in urban districts, or in rural areas adjacent to schools, dwellings, permanents or seasonal camps, or in orchards, or near roads or trails which are frequently traveled, a barrier shall be so located on the structure as to prevent easy climbing.  If the bottom of the barrier is within 12 feet of the ground line, the top shall not be less than 15 feet above the ground line, but in no event shall the barrier be less than 8 feet in length.  If the bottom of the barrier is more than 12 feet above the ground line, it shall be not less than 6 feet in length.


The provisions of this rule, 51.6-B, shall not apply to poles or structures on which all conductors have 5 feet or more horizontal clearance from the supporting structure, nor to poles or structures within fenced substation yards.


Note-It is the intent of Rule 51.6-B to require such guarding as will prevent easy climbing of these poles by young persons who do not realize the danger of contact with live conductors supported thereon.  It is not intended that such guarding will be required in sparsely settled districts, mountainous and desert areas, and similar locations.