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Original General Order 95


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements for Supply Lines

(Class H, L and T Circuits)


52.5    Metal Arms


Metal crossarms on wood poles shall not be used to support conductors of both 750-7500 volts and more than 7500 volts.


A.    Supporting Conductors of 0-7500 Volts


Metal crossarms installed on wood pole sand supporting conductors of 0-7500 volts shall not be permanently grounded and shall be proven by test to be nonenergized immediately preceding each period of work at that location.  Metal crossarms at the location of the work on de-energized conductors shall be temporarily and securely grounded and securely connected to any de-energized conductors involved during the time of all work at that location.


B.    Supporting only Conductors of more than 7500 volts


Metal crossarms installed on wood poles and supporting conductors of more than one circuit of more than 7500 volts shall be effectively grounded or, in lieu of this requirement, such crossarms supporting such energized conductors at the location of work on other de-energized conductors shall be connected to the de-energized conductors and securely grounded during the period of work.