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Original General Order 95


Section V


Detailed Construction Requirements for Supply Lines

(Class H, L and T Circuits)


58.1    Traffic Signals


Traffic signals supported on overhead suspensions shall be treated as specified in the following rules:


A.    Messengers and span wire clearances


The suspension messenger or span wire of all traffic signals shall be installed to afford the clearances prescribed for span wires; Table 1, Column A and Table 2, Column A.


B.    Lead wires


Lead Wires of 0-750 volts to traffic signals supported on messengers may be less than the clearances above ground specified in Table 1, Column D, Cases 2 and 3 provided they are maintained at a clearance above ground as specified in Table 1, Column A, Cases 2 and 3 for the messenger on which they are supported.


C.    Clearances above thoroughfares


Traffic signals supported by span wires and supplied from circuits of 0-750 volts shall have a clearance of not less than 14 feet vertically above thoroughfares over which they are suspended (see App. G, Fig. 55) except that where any thoroughfares is used by railroads, street railways, trolley coach lines and double deck motor coaches clearances not less than the following shall be maintained:


Conveyance using thoroughfare

Minimum clearance of signal above thoroughfare

Street railways and coach lines operated by overhead trolley

Height of trolley conductor plus 1 foot (a)

Railroads which transport freight cars

25 feet (b)

Double deck motor coaches

18 feet


a)    May be reduced to 14 feet if the signal is more than 8 feet from nearest trolley contact conductor and if signal is maintained not less than 1 foot radially from trolley span wires.


b)    May be reduced to 14 feet if signal is more than 8 feet from center line track.


Traffic signals supplied directly (without protective transformers) from circuits classified in excess of 750 volts shall be install with clearances as prescribed for street lighting equipment.