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Original General Order 95


Section VII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Trolley and Electric Railway
Contact and Feeder Conductors and Their Supporting Messengers,
Span Wires, Etc. (Class T Circuits)


74.3    Material and Strength


In determining strength requirements, Class T lines and classes as supply lines of equal voltage and will take grades of construction accordingly.  This will generally mean Grade C construction for d-c trolley lines of 0-750 volts, Grade A or B being required at crossings over railways according to the importance of the railway crossed.  (See Rule 22.3, Table 3, Rule 49.4 and Section XI.)


The minimum size which shall be used for trolley contact conductors on public streets or highways is No. 0 solid medium-hard-drawn copper, or other wire equal strength.


The minimum size of wire to be used as a feeder span or feeder auxiliary span wire shall be No. 4/0 stranded medium-hard-drawn copper or other wire of equal strength.