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Original General Order 95 


Section VIII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Communication Lines
(Class C Circuits)


81.3    Material and Strength


Communication poles shall meet the material and strength requirements specified in Section IV.


A.    Replacement In Grade F Construction


Wood poles in Grade F construction shall be replaced or reinforced before the safety factor has been reduced to less than one-half, except that the circumference of sound solid wood within 18 inches above and below the ground line on such poles before replacement or reinforcement shall in no case be less than as follows:


Poles supporting 10 wires or less of open-wire local exchange conductors


Poles supporting cable, interexchange conductors, or more than 10 wires of open-wire local exchange conductors

12 inches


Examples of replacement circumferences which meet these requirements are given in Tables 26 and 27 of Appendix D.