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Original General Order 95 


Section VIII


Detailed Construction Requirements for Communication Lines
(Class C Circuits) 


87.7    Covering or Guarding


A.    Vertical And Lateral Cables


See Rules 84.6-C, D and E for covering or protection of vertical and lateral cables attached to the surface of poles, crossarms or structures.


B.    Longitudinal Aerial Cables Or Messengers


A guard arm, at least 4 feet in length, shall be placed directly above and as nearly parallel as practicable to longitudinal aerial cables or messengers over which a guard arm is required by the provisions of Rule 87.4-C3. In lieu of the guard arm a suitable wood covering of the length specified for guard arms may be placed around the cable and messenger. : Double guard arms shall be installed above cables and messengers which are dead ended on poles where the installation of guard arms is required by the provisions of Rule 87.4-C3.


No communication conductor, cable or messenger shall be supported on or attached to the top or side surface of any guard arm except as permitted for service drops and their (vertical and lateral) runs by the provisions of Rules 84.6-C and 84.8-B2c.


C.    Crossing Trolley Lines: See Rule 87.4-B2.