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Each Commission voting meeting starts with a public comment period. The Commission welcomes and encourages public participation. Meetings usually begin at 9:30 am. Individuals who want to make a public comment must follow the Rules on Public Comments at Commission Meetings.

Individuals can sign-up to speak at the Public Advisor's Office (PAO) table, outside of the Commission Auditorium, before the start of the meeting (usually at 9:30 am) on the day of the Commission meeting. Or they can use this webpage to sign-up by noon the day before the Commission meeting, however they must visit the PAO table before the start of the meeting on the day of the meeting to ask our staff to mark their presence.

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The Commission may postpone or delete items from the agenda the day before the meeting. Agenda changes are posted after 5:00 pm the day before the meeting on our Voting Meetings web page.

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Note: with a minimum 3 business day advance notice, we can provide an interpreter (including for American Sign Language) free of charge at the meeting.
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