General Order 64

(Predecessor to General Orders 64-A & 95)

Rules For Overhead Electric Line Construction


Section I-Preliminary

Section II-General Provisions

Section III-Classification Of Circuits

Section IV-General Clearance Requirements All Classes Of Lines

Section V-General Strength Requirements For All Classes Of Supply Line

Section VI-Detail Construction Requirements For Supply Lines

Section VII-Detail Construction Requirements Tower Lines

Section VIII-Detail Construction Requirements For Trolley Contact Lines And Feeders Class T Circuits

Section IX-Detail Construction Requirements For Signal Lines Class S Circuits

Section X-Joint Poles Or Poles Jointly Used

Section XI-Supply Lines Crossing Over Or In Conflict With Signal Lines

Section XII-Supply Lines Or Signal Lines Crossing Over Railways

Section XIII-Supply Lines Or Signal Lines Crossing Under Railway Structures

Appendix A-Loading Areas

Appendix B-Mechanical And Loading Data For Conductors

Appendix C-Conductor Sags

Appendix D-Crossing of Class H Supply Lines over Important Railroad

Appendix E-Typical Illustrative Diagrams Of Rules

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