Change List for this Rule


General Order 95


Section I


General Provisions


12.1    Construction and Reconstruction of Lines


The requirements apply to all such lines and extensions of lines constructed hereafter and shall become applicable also to such lines now existing, or any portion thereof, whenever they are reconstructed.


The reconstruction of an element of a line requires that all elements subordinate to the reconstructed element meet the requirements of these rules. For the purpose of this order reconstruction will be construed to mean that work which in any way changes the identity of the pole, tower or structure on which it is performed excepting:


A.    Service Drops


Service drops may be added to existing plant without necessitating changes in the circuit or line from which they originate.


B.    Conductors


Conductors or circuits added to crossarms installed prior to March 1, 1929 will not be required to afford greater ground clearance than the ground clearance provided by conductors of the same or higher voltage classification which are already in place on such arms. All other clearances with which such added conductors or circuits are concerned shall be in accord with these rules.


C.    Subordinate Element


An element (such as a crossarm or a conductor) added to a pole, tower or structure shall meet all requirements of these rules but does not require any change in like elements already existing except where the added element is related in buck arm construction to an existing arm in which case all construction on the related arms shall meet the requirements of these rules. A crossarm, pole, tower or other structure to which any subordinate element is added shall meet the strength safety factor requirements specified in Rule 44.3 .


Note:    Last  paragraph added September 18, 1967 by Decision No. 72984.


D.    Replacement of Poles, Towers or Other Structures


The replacement of poles, towers or other structures is considered to be reconstruction and requires adherence to all strength and clearance requirements of these rules. The clearances of the spans adjacent to the new support need not be changed but the new support shall be such that when the adjacent support is replaced the span between will meet all the provisions of this Order.