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General Order 95


Section II


Definitions of Terms as Used in The Rules of This Order


22.6     Pole


A.       Pole Top Extension means a bracket or structure (exclusive of a poletop pin) attached to a pole and extending above its top to support conductors.


B.     Spliced Pole means a wood pole comprised of two or more sections spliced end to end by means of a lap, scarf or butt joint with suitable and adequate lashing or other fastenings, the sections of pole being usually coaxial.


C.     Pole Reinforcement


(1)      Pole Stubbing means a wood pole attached by suitable and adequate fastenings to a stub (usually a short length of wood pole, timber, steel, or other suitable material) set in the ground, such stub being intended to provide the support originally afforded by the pole butt.


(2)      Pole Restoration Techniques means the application of suitable material(s) on a pole to restore its structural strength or integrity.  Restoration may take place at any point on the length of a pole.


Note:     Revised January 13, 2006 by Decision No. 05-01-030.


D.     Non–Climbable Pole means a nonwood pole of smooth exterior surface (not latticed) that is not equipped with pole steps or other provisions for climbing, and upon which work is performed only from aerial lifts.


Note:     Added February 7, 1964 by Decision No. 66707 and revised January 8, 1980 by Decision No. 91186.


E.       Service and Meter Pole means a pole, or a pole type structure that supports only service drops, associated overhead conductors, vertical runs, ground wires, meters and equipment used for electrical service. A service drop mast or other support securely attached to a building is not considered to be a service and meter pole.


Note:     Added July 26, 1966 by Decision No. 71009.


F.     Service/Clearance Pole means a pole, required only to maintain above–ground clearances for service drops or to maintain service drop span limitations. Permissible attachments are limited to 0 - 750 volt conductors, supply service drops, associated risers and runs, communication facilities, lighting and its associated equipment, and guys.


Note:     Added November 6, 1992 by Resolution SU–15.