Change List for this Rule


General Order 95


Section VI


Detailed Construction Requirements for Tower Lines
and Extra High Voltage Lines (Class E Circuits)


64.4    Clearances

Allowable variations in clearances due to side swing of suspension insulators, temperature, loading, etc., are given in Rules
37 and 38 .


A.    Above Ground

The clearances shall be those specified in
Rule 37 .


B.    Above Railways and Trolley Lines

The clearances shall be those specified in
Rule 37 .


C.    Between Conductors

The minimum allowable clearances between conductors are specified in
Rule 38 , Table 2 , with the following modifications for supply conductors:

These modifications, like the tabular values, are also subject to the allowable variations specified in
Rule 38 .


(1)    On Different Crossarms on the Same Structure, Triangular and Vertical Configuration: Crossarms used to support conductors of a circuit at different levels (as in triangular or vertical configuration) need not be spaced as in Table 2 .


(2)    On the Same Crossarms, Same Phase or Polarity: The clearance specified in Table 2, Cases 15 and 17 , are not required between conductors of both the same potential and the same phase or polarity, such as bundle conductors.