Change List for this Rule


General Order 95


Section IX


Joint Poles or Poles Jointly Used


91.5    Marking


Each communication cable andconductor as defined by Rules 20.4, 20.6(A), 20.9, 84.1, 87.4(C), and 89.1 that is attached to a joint-use pole shall be marked as to ownership.  The marker shall (1) identify the owner of the cable and/or conductor; (2) provide a 24 hour contact number for emergencies or information; (3) be made of weather and corrosion resistant material; and (4) be clearly visible to workers who climb the pole or ascend by mechanical means.  This marking requirement applies only to (A) new construction, (B) reconstruction of facilities, and (C) existing aerial communication cables and conductors that a technician works on when the technician ascends the joint-use pole for regular maintenance.


Note:    Added January 12, 2012 by Decision No. 12-01-032