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Original General Order 166



Standard 3.

Emergency Training and Exercises




The utility shall conduct an exercise annually using the procedures set forth in the utility’s emergency plan.  If the utility uses the plan during the twelve-month period in responding to an event or major outage, the utility is not required to conduct an exercise for that period.  Resources that are available to be shared.




The utility shall annually evaluate its response to an exercise or major outage.  The evaluation shall be provided to the CPUC as part of the report required by Standard 11.




The utility shall annually train designated personnel in preparation for emergencies and major outages.  The training shall be designed to overcome problems identified in the evaluations of responses to a major outage or exercise and shall reflect relevant changes to the plan.




The utility shall provide no less than ten days notice of its annual exercise to appropriate state and local authorities, including the CPUC, state and regional offices of the OES or its successor, the California Energy Commission, and emergency offices of the counties in which the exercise is to be performed.  The utility shall participate in other emergency exercises designed to address problems on electric distribution facilities or services, including those emergency exercises of the state and regional offices of the OES or its successor, and county emergency offices.