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Original General Order 166



Standard 4.

Communications Strategy


The utility shall develop and maintain a written strategy for how it will communicate with the public before, during and immediately following major outages and emergencies as follows: 




Customer Communications  -  Media & Call Center


The communications strategy shall describe how the utility will provide information to customers by way of its call center and other communications media before, during and immediately following a major outage.  The strategy shall anticipate the use of radio, television,






The communications strategy shall include pre-event coordination with appropriate state and local government agencies, including the appropriate methods for information exchange, to enhance communications activities during and immediately following a Major Outage.




Independent System Operator/Transmission Owner


The communications strategy will describe how the utility will coordinate its communications with the ISO and/or the TO.  The utility shall cooperate with the ISO/TO to coordinate the information provided to customers, media, and governmental agencies when the operation of the transmission system affects customer service.